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ACT College Readiness: What Kind of Test Preparation Is Best?

The ACT was designed to reflect high school course taking, and as such it is a good measure of overall high school preparation for college and a working career.By far, the best way to prepare for the ACT is by taking rigorous college-prep coursework in high school. On average, students who focus on the college-bound core curriculum score 2.5 points higher on the ACT Composite than do students who fail to complete the core. Advanced Placement courses tend to increase the Composite score by 3-6 points. 


On average, short-term courses or seminars provide an average increase to the Composite Score of 1.5 points.


In terms of short-term, individual test preparation, such as that offered by ZAPS Learning Company, ACT states:

The greatest short-term benefits were associated with participation
in commercial test preparation courses and test preparation
workshops offered by local schools and with use of test-preparation
computer software.


~American College Testing Program


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High School Student

I feel much better and less stressed and excited to take [the test] again!!! :)

Ellie, Red River H.S., ND

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