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What Students Say about ZAPS

A ZAPS Strategy Seminar at a high school
Want to know whether ZAPS instruction is a good idea for your student? Read what students write at the
end of their seminars.

What students say

At the end of each seminar, students evaluate the ZAPS seminar, materials, and presenter. On this page, you’ll read a representative sample of the comments we’ve collected from ZAPS seminar students. Additional student comments appear throughout the website. Is ZAPS a good investment? You decide...


I loved the seminar. It was very helpful.


No changes recommended.

–Paul, Daphne H.S., AL

Thank you!

Samantha, Daphne H.S., AL

Very inspiring seminar.

–Gayatri, W.P. Davidson H.S., AL

Excellent seminar presenter.

~REbecca, W.P. Davidson H.S., AL


~Jordan, Elmore County H.S., AL

I think it is a great program!

~Karen, Elmore County H.S., AL

I feel better about taking the ACT now.

–Devyn,  Murphy H.S., AL

Glad I came to this seminar.

~Hayden, Lakeside H.S., AL

It helped me do better than I would have done if
I took the ACT fresh.

~Mary Katherine, Home school, AL

The presenter is very fun and made learning a great time! 

I would recommend this seminar to underclassmen
who will be taking the ACT.


I feel like I’ve taken a lot from this seminar and
I appreciate the practice books. 
Time went by quickly.


The test was kind of challenging, but it was excellent
practice for the ACT.

~Cody, Stanhope Elmore H.S.,  AL

Overall it was a good and well organized presentation. 
The presenter broke it down 
and helped me understand better.


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I now feel prepared for a test I knew nothing about....
Pretty much perfect.

~Ashley, Basha H.S., AZ

It was awesome! I feel more confident about taking
the PSAT/SAT now.

~Alex, Campo Verde H.S., AZ

Learned a lot in a small time, very helpful, thank you
for coming.

~Cecily, Campo Verde H.S., AZ

Great program, wish they made it mandatory for students.
It would really help.

~Kim, Chandler H.S., AZ

I think it was perfect.

~Nick, Chandler H.S., AZ

I'm glad I took this!

~Bree, Gilbert H.S., AZ

So much help!! Thank you!

~Alexa, Gilbert H.S., AZ

Thank you! It was very insightful & wil help me
better prepare myself.

~Kathryn, Gilbert H.S., AZ

I think it was super valuable and worth the time. 

~Hannah, Higley H.S., AZ

I took the same class for my ACT and I am very happy
with my score! Came back for SAT. These classes help me
so much!

~Jessy, Higley H.S., AZ

Thank you! It really helped! 

~Megan, Higley H.S., AZ

Great job! I learned a ton. 


I found this really helpful and I feel better prepared
for the test.

~Megen, Marcos de Niza H.S., AZ

Teaches you great skills.

~Priest, Marcos de Niza H.S., AZ 

I really didn't know what to expect on the 
SAT or ACT; now I do.


The presenter’s personality and enthusiasm made it much easier.
I enjoyed the 2 ½ hours.

–Jerrod, Mesquite
H.S., AZ

Gave me the strategies I need to ZAP this test!

~Matthew, Mesquite H.S.,AZ

Great presenter, good guy.  Made everyone feel comfortable
and did a great job presenting.

~Chris, Red Mountain H.S., AZ

Well put together, great experience!
Conner, Sabino H.S., AZ

This class should be considered by all, because it’s a lifesaver!
–Thomas, Sabino
H.S., AZ

The ZAPS program truly allowed me to succeed on both the
PSAT and the SAT tests. The skills and techniques I learned
in the class helped me effectively eliminate wrong answers
and quickly identify the correct choice.  Additionally, the
workbooks and study guides provided by ZAPS proved to
be invaluable study tools that offered thorough preparation
for the tests.  

~Graham, Sabino H.S., AZ

I'm so glad you do this,it is very beneficial.

~Kristin, Sahuaro H.S., AZ

Thank you so much, this really did help me.

~Rachel, Sahuaro H.S., AZ

I feel a lot more confident.

~Renee, Sahuaro H.S., AZ

Good presentation. Very informative.


 It really helps. More people should take this seminar.


The strategies were so helpful and I learned things that
I never would think of before.

~Riley, Valley Lutheran H.S., AZ

Very helpful, I will definitely share this class w/ friends.

~Jacob, Valley Lutheran H.S., AZ

I think I will do a lot better next time I take the test.

~Mariesa, Seton Catholic Prepartory H.S., AZ

Thank you very much. Very experienced instructor
great attitude and motivation.

~Randy, Williams Field H.S., AZ

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I feel like I know how to really understand the questions now.
I learned a lot about using the tips we were taught.

~Brooke, Heritage H.S., AR

Presenter was knowledgeable about a variety of subjects,
gave me confidence that I can do well on the test.  I got
half the questions right before the tips on the English,
and after the tips I only missed 2. Very helpful!

~Hannah, Heritage H.S., AR

This will really increase my ACT score. Thank you!

~Aaron, Rogers H.S., AR

I love ZAPS! I did it last year and it helped me go from
a 24 to a 29! Thank you!

~Emma, Rogers H.S., AR

Very helpful. Needed it. Keep doing what you’re doing.

~Samuel, Rogers H.S., AR

All of the tips and strategies were great! Thank you
very much! I learned a lot.

~Jamie, Haas Hall Academy, AR

Strategies that I had never ever thought of and tips.

~Tyler, Haas Hall Academy,  AR

It will help me get a higher score on the ACT.

~Mikaela, Haas Hall Academy, AR

I found this very helpful. I got a 23 when I took this,
and with this help I think I can reach my goal of a score of 26-29.

~Jade, Hass Hall Academy, AR

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I felt it was very helpful in preparing me for the test,
and I know what to expect and how the test is formatted.

~Grace, Basha H.S., CA

Instructor was quite helpful and effective, knew the information well.
~Brigitta, Basha H.S., CA

I really think this class will help you on your SAT. 
I have learned a lot of things that made it so much easier to find the answer.

~Gabrielle, Bear Creek H.S., CA

This is a great program that has taught me a lot.

~Saemoni, Bear Creek H.S., CA

Awesome seminar! Very helpful.

~Christine, Bear Creek H.S., CA

Thank you guys so much for what you do!

~Jacob, Cabrillo H.S., CA

I feel much or confident in re-taking the SAT, I'm glad I took
this seminar.

~Nathaniel, Centennial H.S., CA

This was an excellent and very helpful class/seminar. 

~Briana, Chaparral H.S., CA

I feel more prepared to take the SAT/ACT. 

~Jaamyn, Chaparral H.S., CA 

The presenter was so helpful, entertaining 
and wonderful. 


The strategies for the different subjects will
really help me. I liked everything about this presentation
and feel that I will improve greatly with my scores. 

~Keelia, Great Oak H.S., CA

My writing section has vastly improved. 

~Dominic, Great Oak H.S., CA

My reading will increase, especially choosing vocab.  Thank you! :)

~Brandon, Hamilton H.S., CA

Great job I learned a ton.

~Stephanie, Higley H.S., CA

I think it was super valuable and worth the time.

~Hannah, Higley H.S., CA

Thank you! It really helped!

~Megan, Higley H.S., CA

After taking the ZAPS course, I realize that I did not
have the supplies and readiness to take the SAT.
Now I do!

~Luke, Linden H.S., CA

Really helpful, I now realize how serious and difficult
this test really is. Not to mention important.

~Shania, Linden H.S., CA

I had no idea how different SAT is from regular Star tests. 
It was great learning tips and knowing what it’s about.
The booklets are extremely helpful! Thank You!

~Amber, Linden H.S., CA

My parents forced me to attend this seminar, but in the end
I think it was definitely helpful and worth the time and money. Thanks,

~Ashley, Linden H.S., CA

Great to have, love to see you back next year.

~Ian, Linden H.S., CA

It was very helpful in all aspects. This was a wonderful class and experience.

~Nicholas, Paraclete H.S., CA

This really helped me. I feel like I have the confidence to do
better on all my subjects. I raised my math 200 points.

~Michael, Paraclete H.S., CA

This seminar should be held every year, maybe more than
once a year.

~Noely, Paraclete H.S., CA

Excellent seminar, very informative, plenty of breaks, and
not hard to sit through (unlike other SAT prep seminars).

~Chris, Paraclete H.S., CA

Thanks! I feel much more confident in my test taking abilities.

~Beatrice, Paraclete H.S., CA

Our presenter carefully explained everything. I feel well prepared
to take my SAT.

~rossana, Paraclete H.S., AZ

Great information, learned a lot!

~Hollie, Quartz HillS H.S., AZ

I really liked it. I learned many helpful tips on test taking.

~Krystal, Quartz HillS H.S., AZ

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and feel as if this has been a
beneficial experience.

~Sumaiya, Stockdale H.S., CA

I feel well organized now. I feel like I know what to expect thanks to ZAPS

~Michael, Temecula Valley H.S., CA

I feel well organized now. I feel like I knew what to expect thanks to ZAPS.

~Michael, Temecula Valley H.S., CA

I honestly don’t feel as if there should be any change to this seminar.

~Natasha, Temecula Valley H.S., CA

You made this a great experience! I feel much more prepared now.
Thanks! Maybe I can beat my twin.

~Jordan, Temecula Valley H.S., CA

I would recommend this to other people. I loved the presenter, he was
very enjoyable.

~Gavin, Truckee H.S., CA

Awesome experience!

~Noel, West H.S., CA

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I think I will do much better on this test after taking this class. 
It was not a waste of time and I would recommend it to anyone.

~Allison, Air Academy H.S., CO

Great job! This will DEFINITELY help me!

~Gabriella, Air Academy H.S., CO

I thought it was really good.  I feel like I will do better with
my test now with all the tips.

~Ellie, Air Academy H.S., CO

This has helped me to prepare for the SAT at a level that
I could not do alone.

~myranda, Bishop Machebeuf H.S., CO

Good experience; now I knkow what to expect on the SAT.

~Pete, Bishop Machebeuf H.S., CO

The Workouts in every section gave me a feel 
of what the test was going
 to be like. 


They offered some really insightful tips + good

~Sam, Castle View H.S., CO

I love this! Every school should do it!

~Janessa, CEC Middle College of Denver, CO

Excellent practice.

~Victor, CEC Middle College of Denver, CO

Valuable stuff you’ve got here.

~Sam, CEC Middle College of Denver, CO

 Thanks!  It was great to learn and I’m more confident about the ACT.

~Brea, CEC Middle College of Denver, CO

Got my attention!

~Robert, Chaparral H.S., CO

The tips for each individual section were things I would
have never known on my own.

~Brittney, Chaparral H.S., CO

I feel much more prepared now!” 

~Natalie, Colorado Springs Christian School, CO

Very smooth and wonderful style of teaching.

~Sabrina, columbine H.S., CO

The seminar was a great experience and
very beneficial.” 

~Annica, Doherty H.S., CO

It was really helpful, I’m glad I came.

~Brooklyn, Doherty H.S., CO

Glad I took this course! I feel better prepared and
not so much anxiety.” 

~Marissa, Doherty H.S., CO

I found this information to be very helpful and worth my time. 
I am very glad I took this course

~McKenna, Fruita H.S., CO

Good job!

~Quinn, Legacy H.S., CO

I found that I enjoyed looking at exactly what types of questions
are going to be on the SAT/PSAT.

~Trevor, Legacy H.S., CO

It was a great presentation. 

~Brennan, Mountain View H.S., CO 

The tips were really valuable, along with the charts.

~Irena, Mountain View H.S., CO

I feel a lot more knowledgeable and ready for the SAT test.
I think and hope I will do better the 2nd time around.
The seminar was definitely worth my time!

~Lily, J.K. Mullen H.S., CO

I loved it.

~Chad, J.K. Mullen H.S., CO

The tips were great and helped me become a better tester.

~Megan, J.K. Mullen H.S., CO

I like the way we get to take home practice tests and that we got
a take home study guide.  It was very helpful, especially concerning
preparation for what to expect.

~Quincey, J.K. Mullen H.S., CO

The presenter was obviously very knowledgeable and
practiced at these presentations: he would often name
a page in the book to illustrate an example without even
looking for it on his own.  AND HE WAS NEVER WRONG.

~Forrest, niwot H.S., CO

Overall an excellent and very helpful class.  I feel that after
this class I will do much better on my test.  [The presenter] is the man.

~Alex, niwot h.s., CO

Keep doing this presentation. I really find it helpful.

~Alexis, niwot H.S., CO

Felt this reallly helped me because I was never a good test
taker. But now I have strategies on how to improve my score.

~Cheyenne, Heritage H.S., CO

I learned things I never would have thought of.

~rachel, pine creek H.S., CO

This was a good experience. [T]aking the practice tests
made me realize how much work I need to do.

~David, pine creek H.S., CO

Great tips on what to expect and how to prepare
on my own.  I’m really glad that I took this course

~katherine, pine creek H.S., CO

I learned a lot of things I didn't know and could use in the future.

~Tommy, pine creek H.S., CO

Glad I did it.

~Michaelanne, pine creek H.S., CO

Very very very amazing seminar. I learned so much. Definitely
loved the presenter. She was easy to understand. Helped a ton!!

~Brandon, pine creek H.S., CO

This was great! I'm definitely going to be studying.

~Karla, ponderosa H.S., CO

Great material to use! I will definitely study from them. :)

~Jamie, Rock Canyon H.S., CO

Really helpful! 

~Amy, Rock Canyon H.S., CO

The seminar was a big stress reliever.

~Artur, Smoky Hill h.s., CO

I would recommend taking this class to anyone else!


I went to the SAT/PSAT seminar in the fall of 2011.
ZAPS hasn’t let me down! Thanks so much!

~McKenzie, Summit H.S., CO

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I would not recommend any changes. I had a good time
during the two days.

~Caitlin, Care Coral H.S., FL

This presentation has really helped me and I'm glad I came.

~Chase, Eau Gallie H.S., FL

I wouldn't recommend any changes or additions to this seminar.
Thank you!

~Elizabeth, Eau Gallie H.S., FL

I think this class will help me not only with the ACT
but with any test taking.

~Haley, Melbourne H.S., FL

These strategies actually improved all three
scores tremendously
(at least on the practice tests).

~Melanie, Melbourne H.S., FL

Our presenter was great and this gave me good advice.

~Amanda, Melbourne H.S., FL

I enjoyed it and I know it will help me a lot in a few months.

~Heather, Melbourne H.S., FL

Very good! I can already see improvements in my work.
Very glad that I came.

~Andrew, Oviedo H.S., FL

The seminar is going to be helpful for the SAT test.


I had no prior knowledge of the ACT or the SAT. 
I now feel as though I know what to expect and 
how to study for it and attack it. 
Therefore, I think 
that this seminar has been very helpful and served 
its purpose.


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Don’t change a thing. 

~Josh, North Paulding H.S., GA

It really was helpful and I know how to deal with
most of the questions if I don’t understand 100%.

~Savannah, North Paulding H.S., GA

It was well worth the money. 


I am very glad he came to teach us these helpful tips!

~Ciara, North Paulding H.S., GA

I think know I am ready now! 

~Kathryn, Parkview H.S., GA

I feel like I gained a lot of valuable knowledge about the SAT.

~Jake, Parkview H.S., GA

I really like [the presenter], he was personable and informative
and I could definitely tell he knew what he was talking about. 
Thank You!

~Michael, Parkview H.S., GA

Good points and tips. Good info.

~Stephanie, Sandy Creek H.S., GA

Good points and tips. Good info.

~Stephanie, Sandy Creek H.S., GA

Provided useful tips. As well as insight as to what is
on the test. 

~Bryon, South Forsyth H.S., GA

Very good seminar.

~Tara, South Forsyth H.S., GA

Provided useful tips. As well as insight as to what is on the test.

~Bryon, South Forsyth H.S., GA

Presenter was very knowledgeable of the strategies. 
Overall valuable strategies.”

~Sam, Sprayberry H.S., GA

Overall well organized and I hope this program continues on.

~Akin, Sprayberry H.S., GA

I enjoyed my instructor and I got a lot out of this program.

~Tanashia, Statesboro H.S., GA

It was a great help to me and the presenter was very nice
and helpful.

~Shelby, Statesboro H.S., GA

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Thank you for helping me and giving me the opportunity
to better myself. I truly feel like I've learned a lot and will
continue studying using ZAPS!

~Daniel, Eureka H.S.,  IL

I found this to be an amazing seminar. We are already 
taught the knowledge for this test through school, but
this seminar teaches you how to take the test, which
is just as important.

~Andrew, Eureka H.S.,  IL

Really helpful & will definitely help me do better
on the ACT.

~Susan, Johnsburg H.S.,  IL

Loved coming. Great experience. I am a lot more
for taking the ACT.

~Margaret, Johnsburg H.S., IL

Really helpful & will definitely help me do better on the ACT. 


The list of tips were very helpful and it was a terrific
learning experience. I improved
after the practice
tests and the Study Guide is a great study tool.

~NaKaela, Roanoke Benson H.S., IL

Very good. I feel I will do a lot better now.

~Katlyn F., Rock Falls H.S., IL

I loved it, it was well worth the time and money. 
Thank you!


I recommend students to take this.

~Tyler, Collinsville H.S., IL

I think it was helpful. I do think I'll do somewhat better
on the ACT now.

~Erin, Collinsville H.S., IL

I feel more confident about taking the ACT now.

~Caitlyn, McHenry West Campus, IL

Great experience. Learned a ton. Presenter was very helpful.

~Austin, Crystal Lake, IL

Tips were brillliant. Easy to follow along with lectures.

~Kayla, Southwest H.S., IL

This program is a great way to prepare for the ACT/SAT.

~Jenny, Marian Central Catholic H.S., IL

Great seminar, down to the point.

~Victoria, St. Edwards Central Catholic H.S., IL

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It was organized and well put together. Really helped build
my confidence.

~David, Avon H.S., IN

I loved this experience and I would recommend it
to everybody.

~Franz, Avon H.S., IN

Super helpful! Highly recommend taking seminar to
other students.

~Alissa, Avon H.S., IN

The presenter did an excellent job; he had a lot of
enthusiasm for what he does.
He also made the
experience more enjoyable.

~Richard, Carroll H.S., IN

I am glad I came to the workshop. I feel like I will benefit
greatly as a result of it. 

~Jenna, Center Grove H.S., IN 

I really enjoyed this seminar and I think it will pay off 
when I take the SAT.


Great class! I think that it will really help!
The workbooks are especially helpful!

~Julianne, Center Grove H.S., IN

The instructor was great. The tips helped a lot.

~Lauren, North Central H.S., IN

It was really a good experience, I enjoyed it! 

~Ben, North Central H.S., IN

I really liked how we all went through every 
type of question, and it wasn’t just a general overview. 


I really liked the seminar and I think all of the test
taking strategies will help me a lot.

~Anna, Danville H.S., IN

It was a very informative seminar. I feel I learned
a lot. Thanks.

~Juliana, Danville H.S., IN

The seminar was rewarding and I do not regret
taking it.

~timothy, Richmond H.S., IN

Great and helpful experience. The 6 hours went by
very fast and I had a fun time!

~Chris, Richmond H.S., IN

Great job! I learned a lot!

~Paul, Roncalli H.S., IN

This really helped me learn what to do on the
SAT test. I know I will
get a better score because
of this seminar.

~Zach, Roncalli H.S., IN

Overall a good course, I think I learned a lot and
am better prepared
for taking both the ACT and the SAT. 

~Caroline, Roncalli H.S., IN 

I think this seminar was very helpful, definitely worth it. 

~Ginny, Southport H.S., IN

The instructor was very nice and seemed to care if we
really learned the material.

~Miracle, Bishop Luers H.S., IN

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It was really helpful. I feel prepared and not as nervous.
The teacher was kind
and didn’t say anything degrading
when we got a question wrong. 

~Cassandra, Bettendorf H.S., IA

It was awesome.

~Joe, Bettendorf H.S., IA

Overall great experience. Very glad I signed up. 

~Brent, Centerville H.S., IA

I really liked all the tips and that we get to take home
the practice tests.

~Maddison, centerville H.S., IA

I think I know what to expect on the SAT now. 

~Tim, Mount Vernon H.S., IA

I have gathered a ton of knowledge and test prep 
help and feel more prepared now 
that I have taken 
this course than I would have without it.


This seminar rocks! I’m ready to rock the ACT!

~Cassidy, Johnston Senior H.S., IA

It’s amazing. 

~Erik, Johnston Senior H.S., IA

I think this will help me a lot. 

~Stephanie, Johnston Senior H.S., IA

The presenter was knowledgeable. The information
was quality.
Thank you!

~Jennifer, Spirit Lake H.S., IA 

It is amazing how the strategies helped. 

~Spencer, Spirit Lake H.S., IA

I feel pretty prepared now. 

~Sarah, City High H.S., IA

I really improved my score when I retook
the English test.
The strategies really helped me.

~Anna, City High H.S., IA

Was a real wake up call for what I need to work on. 

~Matt, City High H.S., IA

This was informative! 

~Kyle, Davenport West H.S., IA

I really liked the presentation. 

~Ryan, Davenport West H.S., IA

Before this I was very unaware about anything about 
the ACT. 
I have been going to study from a book 
I already had at home. 
Now I feel more prepared with 
this study guide too, especially 
grammar and English.


I enjoyed the strategies for attacking the different
tests and will put those to work when I take the ACT.

~Addison, John F. Kennedy H.S., IA

It's good to hear GREAT tips that you haven't 
heard before.


This was amazing and so helpful. I’m also really relieved
that I have materials I can take home to use and study.

~Hannah, Linn-Mar H.S., IA

The Study Guide helped very much. I had a better
experience than I expected.

~Maria, Newton H.S., IA

I really enjoyed the presentation and feel these tips
will help me on the ACT.

~Chandler, Newton H.S., IA

Very helpful! I learned a lot of tips that will help me for the ACT
and any other test that I will take.

~Morgan, Newton H.S., IA

Successful day.

~Jacob, Ottumwa H.S., IA 

I wouldn't change anything. I stayed very focused.
It was great!

~Samantha, Ottumwa H.S., IA

Awesome help for the ACT's!

~Hope, Ridge view H.S., IA

Good! Come back!

~Lexi, Ridge view H.S., IA

Good seminar. Very nice speaker. I liked that she
made parts lighthearted.

~Angela, Ridge view H.S., IA

Thanks — you’ve really helped. 

~Kristin, Xavier H.S., IA

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I think this really helped me. Thank you!

~Amanda, Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic H.S., KS

All the tricks and simple tips will definitely help me. A great seminar!

~Greta, Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic H.S., KS

Awesome. Valuable information.

~Alex, Maize H.S., KS

The instructor was very energetic and seemed passionate in this
which gave off a good vie and made the class more enjoyable.

~Kierstin, Manhattan H.S., KS

Most test practice seminars are very boring and not that helpful.
This one is the first that I learned valuable tips and information from and,
that I actually can say, I enjoyed. .

~Jillian, Manhattan H.S., KS

The presenter gave us excellent tips for all three sections.

~Emma, Shawnee Mission West H.S., KS

Good job, kept me entertained during the long seminar.

~Kimberly, Shawnee Mission West H.S., KS

Good seminar. I learned things I wouldn't have known prior to coming
to this seminar. Well presented.

~Alejandro, Shawnee Mission West H.S., KS

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This really helped and the presenter was good
at helping and very kind.

~David, Ballard H.S., KY 

Thank You So Much!!!

~Amber, Ballard H.S., KY 

Great program

~Hope, Ballard H.S., KY

I thought I learned a lot from it, and I feel as if I’ll
do much better
in December.

~Taylor, Bullitt East H.S., KY

I learned a lot of great new tips that I did not
previously have knowledge of

~Brandon, Bullitt East H.S., KY

I had a Blast!

~Josh, Bullitt East H.S., KY

The tips were very helpful. I noticed a difference.
Thank you!

~Kennedie, East Jessamine H.S., KY

The tips were very helpful and I could see
a change in my scores. 

~Justine, Eastern H.S., KY 

It really made an improvement. 

~Jordan, Eastern H.S., KY

I'm really thankful to have been in this seminar.

~Julia, Eastern H.S., KY

The lessons were excellent and I understood everything.

~Patrick, Jeffersontown H.S., KY

It helped a lot. I believe I can get a higher score.

~Briana, Jeffersontown H.S., KY

No changes. It was a great seminar.

~LOGAN, Madison Central H.S., KY

The presenter was very friendly andknowledgeable.
The study guide is full of inforamtion.

~Jacob, Madison Central H.S., KY

It taught me strategies and tips I never thought about.
It helped me think more clear and how to save time on ACT.

~Brikena, Madison Central H.S., KY

Thank you so much for helping me on my next ACT. 

~Shelby, Madison Southern H.S., KY 

Gave a lot of great tips. 

~Nikki, Madison Southern H.S., KY

I think everyone who is shaky about the ACT 
should attend this seminar. 


This helped ease my anxiety. I feel more confident 
about the ACT. I am glad I did this seminar.


Overall I learned a lot. My feedback is real.
I know what to expect.
And just want to thank you
for giving me this opportunity.

~Jasmine, Pleasure Ridge H.S., KY

I was skeptical about the class at first, but 
I am extremely glad I took it and it helped a lot. 


I wouldn't change anything. It was well organized.

~Logan, West Jessamine H.S., KY

This should help me do well on the test. 

~T.J., Woodford County H.S., KY

It was really helpful. 

~Michael, Woodford County H.S., KY

Experienced teacher aided the comprehension
levels of this class. 

~Stuart, Woodford County H.S., KY

Take me Back to the top


Learned a lot of helpful hints about the SAT that make me
feel more confident.

~Caitlyn, Westford Academy, MA

I found this seminar very useful! I appreciate the time and
enthusiasm that was put into the presentation, and now feel
100 times more confident about testing. Thank you!

~Olivia, Westford Academy, MA

Thank you very much for your time. I feel much more confident
about taking the PSAT’s in a few weeks.

~Emily, Westford Academy, MA

Thank you. I learned a lot.

~Luc, Westford Academy, MA

I really enjoyed the seminar and the presentation.
I found the practice test most helpful.

~Devin, Westford Academy, MA

Thank you for the seminar. Very informative.

~Alexa, Westford Academy, MA 

Take me Back to the top


Loved the presentation. The Study Guide really helped.

~Erin, Eaton Rapids H.S., MI

The instructor was very helpful. Definitely
knew what he was talking about. 

~Stephen, Northville H.S., MI

The presenter made everything easy 
to understand and took time to explain 
things to us. 


In my opinion, the price was very reasonable
and I really learned a lot. 

~MinJi, Northville H.S., MI 

The presenter gave good tips and info, so I feel
more confident in taking the ACT.

~Shannon, Byron Center H.S., MI 

Glad I took the seminar and I think the books will be
very helpful thanks! 

~Ginger, Byron Center H.S., MI

I really enjoyed this seminar. I found out about
valuable information and just want to say thank you.


I am very glad that I had the opportunity
to attend this seminar and it helped me a lot. 

~Baile, Chesaning H.S., MI

I enjoyed coming today and I feel a lot more
confident now that I have practice tests and
a study guide. 

~Haley, Chesaning H.S., MI

I really liked the Study Guide and the practice
tests we got to take home. 

~Mary, Heritage H.S., MI 

The presenter made this a wonderful, positive
and easily understood learning experience. 

~Justin, Heritage H.S., MI 

Thank you so much! The class was totally
worth it.

~Rachel, West Ottawa H.S., MI

The presenter made it fun to listen to instead
of just lecturing.
Also very helpful were the tips
given on how to study the ACT. 

~Mackenzie, Frankenmuth H.S., MI 

Presenter really knows what he’s talking about. 
We were lucky to have him help us. 

~Ashley, Frankenmuth H.S., MI

Good details and helpful guidance for the ACT. 
I personally feel more prepared now. 

~Ryan, Frankenmuth H.S., MI


~Patrick, Valley Lutheran H.S., MI

Now I’ll score better on my ACT. 

~Madison, Valley Lutheran H.S., MI

These tips will definitely help. 

~Nate, Valley Lutheran H.S., MI 

Happy I took this. 

~Jenika, Adrian H.S., MI

The presenter was great! Felt like I could
ask anything.

~Kyle, Adrian H.S., MI

I really appreciated the presenter; she seemed 
to be patient and loved what she was doing. 
She also made the presentation engaging and fun. 


I feel like this seminar will help me do better
on the ACT. 

~Nicholas, Anderson H.S., MI

I feel I am more prepared for the ACT now. 

~Gabrielle, Southgate Anderson H.S., MI

Great presentation. Very helpful. 

~Mercedes, Southgate Anderson H.S., MI 

Very well presented. This provides a very
constructive and helpful environment
prepare for the ACT. Thank you! :)

~Shana, Tri County Senior H.S., MI

I wouldn't change anything!

~Emily, Marshall H.S., MI

Take me Back to the top


Good advice on how to take the test and
how to prepare for it.

~Kyle, Burnsville H.S., MN

I think that I have more insight on what
the ACT will be like
and I will excel more
because I took the seminar.

~Erin, Anoka H.S., MN

The class makes me feel more relaxed and
comfortable when taking the ACT next time. 

~Megan, Apple Valley H.S., MN

Very informative & organized. Well worth
my time.

~Anna, Champlin Park H.S.,  MN

He did a good job immersing us into the presentation.
I couldn't tell how much time had passed.


Very good, I feel like I know more about what
to expect on the ACT!

~Sarah, Dover-Eyota H.S., MN

Thanks! I think this will really help me. 

~Ben, Goodhue H.S., MN

It was perfect! Thank you for your words
of wisdom and knowledge on the ACT.

~Dylan, Hibbing H.S., MN

I am glad I came!


I feel a lot more prepared now for the ACT. 

~Allison, Minnesota Valley Lutheran H.S., MN

It showed me what I needed to study and how. 


I’m glad I took this opportunity. 

~Charles, Minnetonka H.S., MN

I liked taking practice tests and knowing how to answer
tough questions.
 Time went by much faster than I expected.

~Andrea, New Beginnings H.S., MN

I believe this will help out greatly when
I take the test. 

~Jordan, New Ulm H.S., MN

I appreciate all the help I was given today.

~Elyse, Red Wing H.S., MN

Good humored and knows how to work efficiently with high schoolers. 

~Valerie, Red Wing H.S., MN

The teacher was great about the techniques.
I learned a lot.


Doing the practice tests I got to see what
[the test] was going to look like.

~Sydney, Shakopee H.S., MN

The overall experience was good, and I feel that
it will give me a heads up on what to expect on
the ACT.” 

~Andrew, Southgate Anderson H.S., MI

I was very happy you were not boring and
I didn’t fall asleep! You helped a lot. 

~Miranda, Spring Lake H.S. MN

It was good practice and helped me find weaknesses. 

~Graham, Stillwater Area H.S., MN

I learned good tips that will help in the future.

~Daniel, Stillwater Area H.S., MN

Eye-opener for what ACT will be like. Very good practice. 

~Tyler, Zumbrota-Mazeppa H.S., MN

Take me Back to the top


I liked his style of teaching. It was funny, but he kept it on point
with the learning.

~Khadeem, Belton H.S., MO

I got to learn different use of techniques to advance my ACT testing skills.
Great presenter and presentation.

~Kabxilo, Belton H.S., MO

The Study Guide book very helpful.

~Iesha, Belton H.S., MO

I found the explanations to the questions
and also the 
examples [the presenter] used valuable.
The ZAPS seminar 
gave me insight on how to better
answer questions and 
methods to use!

~Malari, Carthage H.S., MO

Very anxiety-easing.

~Alyssa, Carthage H.S., MO

Great job! I now have tools to study with to improve
my score.


Overall experience was awesome!

~Amy, Carthage H.S., MO

Great seminar.  Will really help out.

~Trevor, Carthage H.S., MO

Learned a lot of good tips in the English category
and score increased.

~Eric, Carl Junction H.S., MO

Thanks for coming. I enjoyed the day!

~Tasha, Carl Junction H.S., MO

Thank you very much! You’re doing this school
a great deed.

~Josh, Carl Junction H.S., MO

I felt like I actually know what I need to study
and how much to study it.

~Cheslie, Joplin H.S., MO

The information was necessary and good.
The presenter was fantastic.

~Chris, Francis Howell Central H.S., MO

What I found most valuable about the seminar was
the amount of time the presenter put in to helping us.

~Andrew, Francis Howell Central H.S., MO

This is a very good study tool and review.

~Nicole, Kearney H.S., MO

I learned a lot and I feel ready to take the ACT now. Thank you!

~Alexandra, Kearney H.S., MO

I really feel better about my previous score (28),
but know now
that I have to tools to get over better,
such as a 30 or 32.
This was a great learning experience.

~Grant, Kearney H.S., MO

The presenter performed exceptiionally well and helped me in
improving my testing strategies while making it fun.

~Elisha, Lee's Summit H.S., MO

This prep class was very helpful. Thank you ZAP :)

~Taylor, Lee's Summit H.S., MO

Great presenter! He was very enthusiastic and
wanting to help us improve!

~Bailey, Lee's Summit West H.S., MO

He was a great/outstanding presenter. He was interactive
and helped me gain more knowledge.

~Brianna, Lee's Summit West H.S., MO

The seminar was really good.

~Payton, Paris H.S., MO

It was an overall excellent workshop. [The presenter]
has a PHENOMENAL personality! Keep him as long
as possible!

~Christina, Rockwood Summit H.S., MO

Very well worth it! Thank you.

~Edward, Rockwood Summit H.S., MO

Funny and entertaining presenter who was fun to listen to.

~Jenna, Rockwood Summit H.S., MO

Very humorous presenter who explained the test well
and discussed what it’s like. I’m less stressed about
taking the real ACT now.

~Liwiya, Rockwood Summit H.S., MO

The tips will be really useful. The presenter made
the experience actually enjoyable.

~Taylor, Rockwood Summit H.S., MO

  • Great materials to study.

  • Awesome practice tests.

  • Helpful key pointers for test.

  • Awesome speaker/presenter."

~Abigail, Webb City H.S., MO

Good teacher would recommend to anyone.

~Victor, Wright City H.S., MO

There were many important tips that I think
will help improve my ACT score.

~Austin, Wright City H.S., MO

Prepared me with the test and made it not so scary.

~Carl, Wright City H.S., MO

Take me Back to the top

New Jersey

Overall a great experience that I feel will help me
in the future on my PSAT SAT.

~Chris, North Brunswick H.S., NJ

The presentation was great. The info from the
practice books definitely will help me out on the PSAT.

~Anonymous, NJ

I loved taking part in the workshop.

~Noah, Middletown South H.S., NJ

Very beneficial/helpful. Helps me to expect what will be
on the upcoming tests. Gives tricks/strategies to help understand
certain portions of the test which would have been difficult.
Would recommend workshop to others.

~Samantha, Middletown North H.S., NJ

I found the program very helpful.

~Megan, South Brunswick H.S., NJ

I really like the zapping method, and I like the plug in
options for math. These help me save time and are
good for improving score.

~Kiernan, South Brunswick H.S., NJ

Overall good seminar, well presented and helpful information.

~Kaeden, South Brunswick H.S., NJ

I think I will do better next time I take the test.

~Mariesa, Seton Catholic Preparatory HS, NJ

Take me Back to the top


Great job!!! A+ 

~Kim, Green Valley H.S. NV 

Excellent, Awesome, Helpful, Thanks.

~Eric, Green Valley H.S., NV 

It was good! I learned a lot! 


I feel so much better prepared!

~Tim, Dayton H.S., NV

I really enjoyed it, even though I thought
I wouldn’t.

Laurel, Green Valley H.S., NV

I thoroughly enjoyed the class, and I felt
much more prepared.
It was a good learning
experience for me. The class was definitely worth it.

~Cameron, Boulder City H.S., NV

[The presenter] was a lot of fun and made
it more interesting.
She gave many helpful tips that
will help me achieve a high score.

~Emily, Boulder City H.S., NV

I feel more ready now, at least for the structure of the test
if not for every individual section.

~Madison, Boulder City H.S., NV

I found the tips to be extremely helpful.

~Adelzo, Durango H.S., NV

I will do this again.

~Tyler, Durango H.S., NV

Thank you for this opportunity. I now have a clue
on what to do on the SAT.

~Shelby, Damonte Ranch H.S., NV

Great teacher! Lots of fun!

~Joshua, Damonte Ranch H.S., NV

I feel like this seminar will really prepare me for the SAT.
I feel better about it now.

~Taylor, Damonte Ranch H.S., NV

This was really helpful. Thank you so very much!

~Oliver, Damonte Ranch H.S., NV

I had a great time at the seminar.

~John-Carlo, Liberty H.S., NV

It was a great experience and I know it helped me
and my future.

~Brianna, Reno H.S., NV

The presenter was amazing.

~Cristina, Reno H.S., NV

Very worthwhile!

~Beau, Reno H.S., NV

Well worth it. Thank you!.

~Nicholas, West Career and Technical Academy, NV

Take me Back to the top

New Mexico

I really enjoyed the seminar and I’m going to
use this in the future.

~Andi, Manzano H.S., NM

If all of my teachers were as interesting as
[the presenter], I would enjoy my classes a lot more.

~Jessica, Manzano H.S., NM

One thing I found most valuable about the seminar
is how to manage my time on each test.

~Linda, Manzano H.S.

Fantastic workshop. I absolutely boosted my confidence
and knowledge of the standardized testing.

~Millicent, St. Michael’s H.S., NM

Take me Back to the top

New York

I found this very beneficial.

~Courtney, Centereach H.S., NY

I like this seminar. This helped me feel a lot more
confident. I learned new things from this seminar.

~Kirstin, Centereach H.S., NY

Good in-depth presentation. Materials handed out
are good tools to study.

~Jack, Centereach H.S., NY

It was well worth my time and provides great insight.

~Evan, Half Hollow Hills H.S., NY

I enjoyed the presentation and thought it was helpful
in improving my test taking ability.

~Kaz, Half Hollow Hills H.S., NY

I now know what to expect.

~Jabari, Half Hollow Hills West H.S., NY

The packets and study guide were really helpful & I think
they will be helpful in preparing for the SAT & ACT.

~Amanda, Half Hollow Hills West H.S., NY

Great presenter. Good humor.

~Chelsea, Half Hollow Hills West H.S., NY

Take me Back to the top

North Carolina

I found this very beneficial for me. Thank you for your
time and knowledge.

~Tatyana, Sun Valley H.S., NC

This program really helps. I noticed a change when
using the techniques that are taught.

~Chris, Sun Valley H.S., NC

A++++ :)

~Logan, Sun Valley H.S., NC

This was extremely helpful; my score went up drastically
during this class compared to my PSAT scores.

~Rachael, Sun Valley H.S., NC

I really enjoyed the seminar. The instructor was lively
and entertaining. I feel that when I take my SAT I will be
more prepared.

~Kaelyn, Sun Valley H.S., NC

Glad I came! I learned a lot and I feel better prepared!

~Lindsey, McDowell H.S., NC

I loved the way that [the presenter] interacted with us.
He made the experience fun.

~Alexandra, McDowell H.S., NC

[The presenter] interacted with us and kept us very attentive.
I came in dreading the 5 hour class, now I’m so glad I came!
I’m anxious to see how my score will improve. Thank you!!!

~Aericka, McDowell H.S., NC

[Our presenter] was exciting to have as a presenter.
He kept us motivated. He rewarded those who did well,
those who improved as well as encouraging the rest of us.
Honestly, I wish I had him as a teacher. He did an amazing job.

~Whitney, McDowell H.S., NC

He was a very good instructor. He had my attention the
entire time. Very helpful, thanks!

~Mikayla, McDowell H.S., NC

Thank you for being here to help all of us with breaking down
the test. I honestly feel like I will do so much better doing
the test over again.

~Amanda, McDowell H.S., NC

A very helpful way to jump start my own studying.

~Holly, McDowell H.S., NC

This seminar is great!

~Vithaya, North Mecklenburg H.S., NC

I truly enjoyed the experience and it proved to be
extremely helpful to me.

~Simone, North Mecklenburg H.S., NC

They explain the format and give us amazing tips
to be successful! I'm glad my mom made me take this.

~Camilla, North Mecklenburg H.S., NC

Take me Back to the top


It was very helpful and I think it was definitely
worth it!

~Paige, East Grand Forks H.S., ND

Very good. I would recommend this to anyone
about to take the ACT.

~David, Grand Forks Central H.S., ND

I think that it was very helpful. I have a lot
of work to do, but I will utilize the strategies.
Thanks for the help.

~Kegan, Grand Forks H.S., ND

It was really helpful! I feel less stressed preparing 
for the ACT.


I believe this seminar will help me raise my ACT score.

Allison, Grand Forks Central H.S., ND

I feel I have more knowledge on the kind of questions
the ACT will ask.

Siri, Grand Forks Central H.S., ND

Nice job! It was a good experience.

~Julina, Jamestown H.S., ND

I like that I have resources to take home.

~Kelsey, Jamestown H.S., ND

I thought it was helpful to learn different ways to read questions
& also knowing what the test will be like.

Morgan, Oak Grove H.S., ND

Very good and worth taking the class.

~Jessie, Red River H.S., ND

Very good presenter, super knowledgeable, knew the
slideshow and
interacted well with everyone. I feel
much better and less stressed and
excited to take
[the test] again!!! :)



~Eric, Red River H.S., ND

Take me Back to the top


This course really helped me and I feel more
confident about taking the ACT/SAT now. 

~Lauren, Olentangy Liberty H.S., OH

Good, quick straight to the point. Fantastic. 

~Graham, Turpin H.S., OH

Thank you so much! I feel 100x more prepared,
especially with practice tests.

~Chelsea, Mayfield H.S., OH

Thanks for all the helpful tips to remember! 
I'm a lot more confident now.


Good, helpful learning experience.

~Colin, Worthington Kilbourne H.S., OH

The presenter was a very well organized, knowledgeable teacher.
Thank you very much for the help. :)


This is a very good program and I feel like the Study Guides 
will be helpful. 
I was impressed by how many practice tests 
were provided.


The math portion helped me out a lot.
Thanks for the help!

~Krishna, Clear Fork H.S., OH

Take me Back to the top


Everything about the seminar was very good and helpful. I learned a lot
about the ACT that should help me do much better.

~Sharen, Bartlesville H.S., OK

It was excellent.

~Gabby, Bartlesville H.S., OK

Every tip was something that I didn’t know. 

~Ryan, Bishop McGuinness H.S., OK

This class is fantastic and I would take it again.

~Cheyonna, Jenks H.S., OK

The seminar was a good experience and helpful to know what to do
on the test and what to bring
to boost score and confidence.

~Anna, Jenks H.S., OK

He really helped me and made it less boring.
He helped me learn on what I need to study.

~Madison, Oklahoma Christian Academy, OK

Fantastic Job! Thank you for giving us the tips today. :)

~Camille, Oklahoma Christian Academy, OK

I learned a lot and feel much better about the PSAT. 

~Lexi, Owasso H.S., OK

It wasn’t boring. 

~Natlie, Owasso H.S., OK

I felt like this really helped.

~Landon, Owasso H.S., OK

Overall this was a good seminar and I would
highly recommend taking it for future tests.

~Ian, Owasso H.S., OK

Take me Back to the top


This completely fit my learning style and I wish I had taken
seminars like this sooner than my senior year.

~Ali, South Medford H.S., OR

This seminar was well done and full of information.

~Jeeff, South Medford H.S., OR

Thank you for taking the time to go around and teach us
about this. I think it will really help me on the SAT.

~Justin, South Medford H.S., OR

This helped me get a better view of the SAT.

~Justin, West Albany H.S., OR

The little tips and key things you couldn’t see, but were able
to see after explanation. Thank you!!

~Piper, West Albany H.S., OR

I thought I was going to be bored. I was engaged the entire time.
I actually enjoyed the class.

~Amy, West Albany H.S., OR

I enjoyed my time during the seminar.

~Thomas, West Albany H.S., OR

Take me Back to the top


Thank you because this seminar encouraged and helped me
to think outside of the box. The SAT requires a different mindset
which this seminar helped to explain.

~Anna, Belle Vernon Area H.S., PA

Worth my money!


Very useful! 

~Jamie, Franklin Regional H.S., PA 

I wouldn’t change anything.

~Bethany, Franklin Regional H.S., PA 

Really helped me. 


I feel like I got a lot out of this seminar.


Gave me a book with things I will actually use.

~Paige, Northern H.S., PA

I found reading the tips and the books most valuable.

~Brie, Northeastern H.S., PA

I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar.

~Jack, Northeastern H.S., PA

He was a GREAT teacher! He really explained things well
and kept the atmosphere positive with his humor so we didn’t zone off.
I really learned a lot, especially in the reading section! I learned
a lot of great strategies to break down questions that will be on
the SAT so it won’t be as hard.

~Jayleen, Northeastern H.S., PA

[The presenter] was funny and nice and made the seminar fun.
He did a great job with the seminar.

~Kirsten, Northeastern H.S., PA

Thank you so much for the help. I feel like I can go
take my SAT’s and get a better score than I did before.

~Brittany, Northeastern H.S., PA

The ZAPS program is very good because I almost had
no idea what would be on the SAT, but [the presenter]
did a good job of explaining it.

~Jenya, Northeastern H.S., PA

Very good. Worth the money. Informative.

~Andrea, Oakland Catholic H.S., PA

Learning about techniques I've never really thought of.

~Nanette, Oakland catholic H.S., PA

The presenter is really good at making connections
and bridging the gaps!

~Megan, Penn Trafford H.S., PA



The teacher was excellent!


It got me really interested and wanting to keep learning.


I now know what to look for and expect. 

~Ross, Ringgold H.S., PA

Take me Back to the top

South Carolina

Great speaker. Very easy to understand and helpful.
Thank you!

~Carolyn, Bishop England H.S., SC

Great course. I feel really prepared.

~Harry, Bishop England H.S., SC

Thank you for the help!

~Reilly, Bishop England H.S., SC

Take me Back to the top


 Amazing!! I really will recommend this to all of my friends!

~Nick, Concord Christian School, TN

This was a great learning experience.

~Chad, Halls H.S., TN

Our presenter was very knowledgeable and I enjoyed hearing
all his information. I got my money’s worth in more than one way.
Thank you.

~Megan, Halls H.S., TN

Good tips to make me feel more confident in what to expect.

~Hope, Hendersonville H.S., TN

Gave me valuable tips and methods to use when spotting
right and wrong answers.

~Austin, Hendersonville H.S., TN

I feel that the tips and knowing what to expect would help me
get a better score on the ACT.

~Roberto, Springfield H.S., TN

I received a ton of helpful tips that I believe will help
when I take the ACT in a few weeks.

~Courtney, Springfield H.S., TN

I really enjoyed myself and feel better
about re-taking the ACT.

~Kristin, South-Doyle H.S.,TN

It was engaging and informative.

~Catherine, South-Doyle H.S.,TN

This is a very helpful class. I feel more
prepared for the ACT now.

~Anna, Volunteer H.S., TN

Thanks for the practice booklets! It will really give me
that extra “push” to do more at home.

~Caleb, White House H.S., TN

I really enjoyed this seminar. It helped tremendously.
Great experience!

~Leah, White House H.S., TN

Take me Back to the top


It was amazing. Couldn't have better instructor.

~Ashley, Atascocita H.S., TX

Excellent presenter

~Joseph, Atascocita H.S., TX

I really liked the presenter.

~Aubry, Cy Creek H.S., TX

The test tips that the presenter gave
us will be very useful on the test.

~Gibby, Cy-Fair H.S., TX

The seminar has brought new ways to look at 
the SAT. 
And I’m sure will raise my score high 
enough to get into a good 4 year college.


This was really good for me.

~Gustav, Johnson H.S., TX

Presenter knew what she was talking about.
Well organized slides.

~Justin, Klein Oak H.S., TX 

Very informative. Worth every penny. I feel much more confident 
and know my weaknesses to improve on.


Great program and great advice. 


The explanations were thorough and very well presented and
understanable. Confidence levels were boosted.

~Gisselle, Mayde Creek H.S., TX

The tips were very helpful.

~Joseph, Mayde Creek H.S., TX

It was really good and I'm glad I came.

~Ana, Morton ranch H.S., TX

I loved this seminar and thank you so much!

~Elijah, Morton ranch H.S., TX

I definitely feel like my test scores will go up after
this seminar. Thank you!

~Shanti, Morton ranch H.S., TX

What I found most valuable is the ZAPS technique
in ZAPPING questions. Everything is great.

~Maddie, North East School of the arts, TX

This really helped me a lot! Thank you for offering it!

~Nina, Roosevelt H.S., TX

It was awesome!

~Haley, Seven Lakes H.S., TX

I appreciate St. Pius for the opportunity to take this course.

~Iyvor, St. Pius X H.S., TX

The tips will make a huge impact

~Bo, St. Pius X H.S., TX

I learned a lot of things.

~Paula, Seven lakes H.S., TX

I found the strategies very helpful.

~Lyndsey, Seven lakes H.S., TX

Fantastic! Well worth time and money.

~Luke, Southwest Christian School, TX

I learned a lot of new tips and I enjoyed the

~Ana-Gabriel, Southwest Christian School, TX

I felt the seminar was paced very effectively
separating each section to give each section its own time
to discuss and understand.

~Alberto, Taylor H.S., TX

No changes. 

~Blake, Taylor H.S., TX


~Christine, Taylor H.S., TX

I learned a lot of new strategies that will definitely help me.  

~Kelsey-Rose, Winston Churchill H.S., TX

Great job! :)

~Ashley, Willis H.S., TX

The seminar was full of useful information.

~Andrew, Willis H.S., TX

Take me Back to the top


Great seminar, very informative.

~Matthew, Mountain View H.S., VA

It was very helpful. Thank you.

~Brooke, Mountain View H.S., VA

Take me Back to the top


He gave us very specific examples of what to expect.

~Alex, Mountain View H.S., WA

He gave us very specific examples of what to expect.

~Alex, Mountain View H.S., WA

I was so freaked out about taking the SATs, now I feel
much more comfortable, thank you!

~Kaitlyn, Mountain View H.S., WA

Worth the money. Every penny.

Worth the time. Every second.

~Conner, Steilacoom H.S., WA

Very helpful, worth the money.

~Andrew, Sumner H.S., WA

You guys know what you're doing.

~Ryan, Sumner H.S., WA

At first I thought it was going to be very boring, until
I came and actually listened. Really helpful. :)

~Amy, Union H.S., WA

Take me Back to the top


She went through each section and gave tips
for each.
I feel very prepared for my test.

~Samantha, Altoona, H.S., WI

ZAPS Learning Company has strategies
that put your ACT test taking at ease.
down each of the sections, makes you study
each section rather than
looking at the test
as a whole. Makes things a lot less stressful! 

~Molly, Brookfield Central H.S., WI

The presentation was very good. :) I liked the
slide show, very helpful.

~Nicole, Edgerton H.S., WI

The presenter was excellent! Made this experience
even that much better!

~Nicole, Middleton H.S., WI

Great experience!

~Jackie, Middleton H.S., WI

I loved the presentation way better
than expected. I will take a lot from this.

Thank you greatly.

~Meredith, Shawano Comm. H.S., WI

The presenter showed that he actually cared
and was a fun instructor. He made the time
go by fast.”

~Bethany, Sheboygan North H.S., WI

I really thought the method for finding math
errors was good. I learned a lot!

~Kelly, Waukesha South H.S., WI

This will help me a lot. Thank you, I appreciate
it. This was a fun new experience.

~Timmy, Waukesha West H.S., WI

This seminar exceeded my expectations.

~Nick, westosha central H.S., WI

This seminar greatly benefitted me.

~Samantha, westosha central H.S., WI

i thought the practice tests were really valuable.

~kaitlyn, westosha central H.S., WI

Very helpful and informative.

~Stephanie, Wisconsin Lutheran H.S., WI

I feel a lot less nervous about taking
the ACT. 

~Greg, Wisconsin Lutheran H.S., WI

I am very glad I took this, I know what to expect 
now and how to prepare.


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The tips proved to be helpful & I received
a Study Guide, plus!

~Angela, South H.S., WY

I really enjoyed coming to this. I feel better prepared
& more motivated to study.

~Skylar, South High School, WY

This is a great class to take and it's really
helping me for the ACT.

~Carina, South H.S., WY

I loved this! If we had more programs like this I would go to them 
just because of how much it’s helping.


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High School Student

Very very very amazing seminar. I learned so much. Definitely loved the presenter. She was easy to understand. Helped a ton!!

Brandon, Pine Creek H.S., CO

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