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Taking the full-length, ZAPS ACT-Practice test is a great way to improve your score.

 Online practice for the act

ZAPS now offers a full-length online practice test to prepare students for the ACT. Students purchasing the test receive valuable practice for all four subtests:

    • EnglishThis is a screenshot of the ZAPS online ACT-Practice Test.
    • Math
    • Reading 
    • Science 

 Timed or Untimed

The online ZAPS ACT-Practice Test offers something special that you won't find in most other practice tests: Students can take the test either timed or untimed. There are advantages to doing both:

  • Taking the test timed gives a feel for how well students will do under the time constraints of the actual ACT.
  • Taking the test untimed is a good way to carefully study each type of test item and practice applying the ZAPS strategies. 

Many students prefer to take the test timed first, to see how well they'd do in the actual testing situation. Then they go back and take the test again, reading the answer explanations carefully to learn where they made their errors and why.

The choice is the student's: Timed or untimed?

Answer explanations

When a student misses a question on a test, most of them want to know why. With the ZAPS online practice test, they have instant access to the explanation for every wrong — and right — answer.This is a screenshot of the Reading test taken untimed, with an error marked and the answer explanation.

Learning what types of errors they make and why is one of the best ways for students to learn. With the ZAPS practice test for the ACT, students have the information in front of them.

If your student has already taken the strategy-focused ZAPS ACT Strategy Seminar or Webinar, they can refer to their ZAPPING THE ACT Study Guide for tips on correcting their errors and improving their score.

score report

At the end of the timed test, they'll receive a score report, giving an estimated ACT score. This is a only valid estimate for the first time a student takes the test.

When a student takes the test untimed, it is not possible to accurately predict their ACT score. Instead, they should focus their practice entirely on strategy and understanding.

Theirs for a year

When you purchase the online ZAPS ACT-Practice Test for your student, they get unlimited access for 365 days. That way, if they take the ACT in the fall as a Junior, and don't like their score, they can keep reviewing with the ZAPS online test until they test again in the spring — or even in the fall of their Senior year.